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Boss Design - Office, Breakout & Collaboration Furniture

Boss Design is the UK’s biggest manufacturer of stylish office chairs and breakout & collaboration furniture. They also provide a wide selection of tables for meetings, conferences, and boardrooms. With 40 years of expertise, they create intelligent, human-centric destination spaces made from responsible materials. Meticulous about detail, they offer a collection that stands for design integrity, detail and superior quality.

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Boss Design  - Human-centric Furniture

Boss products are at the cutting edge of design and feature first-class engineering and workmanship, extensive tool investment and incorporate only the finest materials and components. They continue to enhance their portfolio with the delivery of intelligent and evolving designs while maintaining the best ethical standards along with competitive prices.


Boss Design has an unwavering commitment to the environment. They constantly strive to challenge the design, manufacture and distribution of products with this imperative in mind. With responsibly-sourced materials and a long-term vision for every product, Boss are on a journey towards a circular production model and a greener world.

In addition, Boss has a great deal of history and a wealth of experience in helping to enhance customers’ corporate environments. They offer a great deal of choice, reliability and exceptional service.

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