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Relic At Work

Relic at Work is a co-working system derived from the Relic design. The unique wedge shape tops are designed to allow a generous work space with a compact footprint. Adjustment between a collaborative work space and private working can be achieved
with the use of the additional, magnetically attached accessories. Adding a canopy and lighting will soften the environment, with an
option to also specify biophilia.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional workspace for co-working or personal use 

  • Optional castors for mobility 

  • Large capacity power bank with 8 UK power sockets (4 per user). Ability to extend capacity

  • Offset seating positions 

  • Overhead acoustic canopy 

  • Hanging trays for storage or plants 

  • Wedge-shaped tops to maximise space and minimise footprint 

  • Magnetic accessories for re-positioning