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MI-GSO | PCUBED is the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, programme, portfolio and change management.  We worked alongside office refurbishment firm Zentura to furnish a cutting-edge workspace for MI-GSO PCUBED that demonstrated their capabilities, including a ground-breaking XR lab.


11,000 sq/ft


20 weeks



The Project

MI-GSO PCUBED were looking to create a hybrid workplace that better suited their workforce, following a shift in working styles.  They wanted to refresh their current building in Aldgate and transform it into a cutting-edge workspace that better showcased their abilities to their global client base.

Working alongside office refurbishment partners Zentura, we specified a furniture package that completely changed from the traditional individual desk-based set-up that they were used to.  With the workspace being divided over multiple floors, the key was to create agile zones that supported different ways of working.

Emphasis was put on furniture that could be easily reconfigured to suit the various requirements of MI-GSO PCUBED.  With one of the floors being transformed into a ground-breaking XR Lab for hybrid presentations, the furniture had to be able to adapt to whatever layout was being used on a daily basis.

All the office desking was removed, and a range of electric sit-stand desking was installed as hot desks to promote wellbeing and encourage the staff to be active while in the office.  A range of collaborative hot desking furniture was also specified to give staff different areas to work, rather than stay tethered to a desk all day.

Multiple breakout areas were created, using zoning furniture to divide the various zones rather than using fixed partitions.  By integrating planting and biophilia into these systems, warmth and colour have been injected into the space.  The meeting rooms were fitted with bespoke tables that were designed in conjunction with the AV package to complement the high-tech equipment being utilised.

This challenging project was an incredible success, with a delighted client and a stunning space that MI-GSO PCUBED can be proud to bring their clients into.

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